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Children's Services Teams

Early Help Service

In Havering Children’s Services, our Early Help Service focusses on providing universal and targeted services to families in need of support, from a range of different perspectives and approaches.

Whilst the offer is delivered by a specific area of the service, early help and intervention is an ethos which threads throughout the directorate. One of the principles of the Face to Face model of practice is to provide the right services to the family at the right time, and much of this is facilitated via the Early Help Services alongside statutory social care and education services.

MASH & Assessment

The Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) is a single point of contact for all safeguarding concerns regarding children and young people in Havering which includes front door access for Early Help.

It brings together expert professionals, from services that have contact with children, young people and families, and makes the best possible use of their combined knowledge and resources to keep children safe from harm and promote these and their families wellbeing.

Care Resources

The Care Resources service consists of Fostering, Adoption, Leaving Care and Contact teams. This is an exciting vibrant area that works across a number of different service areas.

The Fostering Team holds a wide and interesting remit. The recruitment & assessment team works to promote fostering and recruit prospective foster carers. The Social Workers then support them through the recruitment and training process until they are approved at panel. The team of supervising Social Workers then supervise foster carers once they have children placed with them (including Regulation 24 placements and private fostering arrangements) and provide on-going support.

Intervention & Support Service (ISS)

The Intervention and Support Service works with young children, teenagers and their families where there is an identified need for on-going intervention.

The service works with looked after children, children on child protection plans and those on child-in-need plans. We also conduct all of the legal proceedings work.

We work on the principle that, wherever possible, we should preserve continuity of a social worker for children. The service places a strong emphasis on permanency whether that can be achieved through good parenting within the family, or through a stable placement outside the family, normally adoption for younger children.

This service is made up of seven teams which all include Social Workers, Advanced Practitioners and ASYE Social Workers. The service is overseen by seven Team Managers, two Group Managers and the Head of Service.

Children & Adults with Disabilities (CAD)

Our Children and Adults with Disabilities Service (CAD) was established in 2015 and we work in an integrated way to bring about the best outcomes for our children and young people.

Within the CAD service are a range of professionals including Educational Psychologists, Specialist Teachers, Social Workers, Family Support Workers, Case Officers, Specialist Assistants Area SENDCos and Early Support Key Worker’s, working collaboratively to meet needs and seek solution focused outcomes for settings, families and children/young people.

The service consists of 4 teams 0-5 CAD Team, 5-19 CAD Team, Assessment and Placement Team and the Social Work CAD Team which supports children and young people including Short Breaks and Preparing for Adulthood.

Business Support Team

The Business Support Service is 73, Business Support Officers and Business Support Assistants who fulfil many roles throughout the service.

The model of working provides fluidity and flexibility to the whole of the 14 CYPS teams and Education services, Children and Adults with disabilities, consisting of 457 staff working to support the families in Havering.

The service was created in December 2015 and the team provides administrative, organisational and strategic support throughout all of the social work teams. The whole service has embarked on a programme of bespoke Systemic training which has given a shared language between practitioners and the administrators. This has significantly supported the beneficial positioning of the administrators as active participants in the co-production of the work the service does.

Safeguarding and Service Standards Unit

The Safeguarding and Service Standards Unit has two main functions.

The first is to provide oversight and quality assurance and audit for Looked after Children and Children on Child Protection plans through Independent Reviewing Officers (IRO’s). Second is to provide the Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO) functions in respect of allegations against staff, carers and volunteers working with children.

Clinical Team

The Clinical Team consists of Family Therapists who work alongside social workers or family practitioners to provide therapeutic input.

Our clinical team also offer case consultations with social workers or family practitioners on cases which are particularly complex or are at risk of drift or delay. These consultations review the case from a systemic perspective and help the social worker explore and form new ways of thinking with regards to a case.

Innovation and Improvement Team

The Innovation and Improvement Team is a project team which focuses on service improvement and innovation. It works alongside the different teams within the Children’s Services department to identify potential new ways of working that could help increase the efficiency and quality of the service provided.