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Our Values and Behaviours

Our Values

For months we have discussed and consulted with teams across the Council to find the Values that are at the core of what we do. Values that best serve our organisation as we work as a team and with the community providing services in a smarter way. Values that work for you and for everyone. Values that we are proud to say reflect everything the organisation is today and will be tomorrow.

These Values are for living, we want everyone to adopt them, apply them to your work, and demonstrate to colleagues, residents and partners, that these are not good intentions but good actions.

Moving forward at a pace we needed values and the behaviours behind them that would enable us to become the organisation we need to be. We first considered these in April 2018 and revisited them in April 2019. The information gathered from service reviews, working with the Senior and Corporate Leadership team, and engagement sessions with around 76 staff, was then used by our Cultural Change Group Champions, to come up with the values that would work for us all.

The Champions, colleagues from across the Council, answered the Chief Executive’s call for staff to get involved and help SLT and CLT make the right choices as we move to smarter ways of working. They took up the challenge of creating the Values and behaviours, and co designed the branding of them, which was then voted upon.

Integrity, Creativity, Ambition, Respect, Everyone, (ICARE) – are our new corporate values.

Our Behaviours

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What you need to do to live these values:

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