Executive Recruitment

The Havering Plan

Our vision for Havering from 2019 to 2020 is split across four priorities, opportunities, communities, places and connections.


Helping people get on in life by creating jobs and skills opportunities and building genuinely affordable homes

  • Jobs and skills training
  • Business growth
  • Value for money
  • Town centre improvements


Helping young and old fulfil their potential through high-achieving schools and by supporting people to live safe, healthy and independent lives

  • Best start in life
  • Stronger families
  • Healthy and active
  • Supporting the vulnerable


Making sure that our neighbourhoods are a great place to live by investing in them and keeping them clean, green and safe with access to quality parks and leisure facilities

  • Clean and safe
  • Quality leisure facilities
  • Great parks
  • Genuinely affordable homes


Making it easier for people to get around and online by investing in road, transport links, faster internet and free Wi-Fi in town centres

  • Road improvements
  • Better public transport
  • Broadband investment
  • Digital access and skills

Our enablers - What will help us get there?


Working as a team with our community to tackle local challenges and improve life in our neighbourhoods.


Making better use of technology to make life easier for our residents and to reduce the cost of pubic services.

Better use of assets

Optimising the use of council assets to improve the customer experience, increase income and reduce cost. 


Developing a more commercial approach to the way that we deliver public services by understanding the true cost of delivering services which will lead to more efficient procurement and contract control.